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ZIM Junior

ZIM Junior is an affordable training Optimist for the beginners. 
The ready-to-sail ZIM Junior includes:

Top quality weight - optimised ZIM FRP hull
IODA Registration book
3 PVC buoyancy bags with normal valve (red, white, blue or yellow)
Webbing for buoyancy bags (blue, white or black) with mounting plates
1 pair of hiking straps (red, blue, black, gray)
Adjustable round mast step
Deck collar, swivel base plate, base plate with 4 eyes, base plate with 2 eyes
1 Bailer (red or green)
1 Paddle (orange)
2 transom gudgeons with backing plates
4 rubber inserts for daggerboard case
ZIM FRP foils set with rudder fittings, tiller & tiller extension (EX1142)
ZIM School sail
Optiparts School spars (EX1050)
Optiparts School blocks set (EX1375)
2 years warranty